“If you build it they will come” was the words that echoed around the online marketing world, a line from Kevin Costner’s Hollywood’s blockbuster “Field of Dreams” in 1989.

But hold on, let’s look at that date again… 1989. Yup. Over 31 years ago.
And yet many still apply this strategy to their marketing in 2020.

First it was if you build a website they will come.

Then it was if you create a Facebook Business profile they will come.

And there are various reiterations today…

If you create a podcast.

If you launch a Facebook Ad.

If you self-publish a book…
…they will come.

But many of you have spent time and money investing (and wasting) on these strategies and guess what… they didn’t come.

When I was 26 years old I came up with a crazy idea to lease a 200 acre-island in Fiji and invite people from all over the world online to build an eco-island from scratch and then take part in it’s development. I knew I had a great idea but now I needed an audience, a tribe.

… I went to the media and they said no.…

I went to book published and they said no.…

I went to TV production companies and they said no.

Why? Because it was just an idea. There was absolutely no proof that anybody would be interested in this idea whatsoever.

Then it struck me…

I was looking for the “quick win”, the “quick win” is the belief that if I can get tv, media or publish a book then these things would take my work to catastrophic heights.

The TRUTH was that I was looking for someone else to do the hard yards and to build my audience for me.

The BIGGEST REALISATION came when I understood that I had to get in the trenches and build the audience myself…

One by one.Person by person.

I know knowledge that if I started to prove myself to an audience, to a tribe, then the numbers would grow and as the numbers would grow, the credibility would come and then the media, book publishers, TV production companies would be interested because I did the hard yards and built up a following that would then create the leverage to take it to the next level.

So I leased a 200 acre island.

I created the website.

I spoke to people one, by one, by one, by one to CONVINCE them to believe in my crazy idea…

And my tribe began to grow.

I then went back to the media and NOW we had PROOF OF CONCEPT and so…

200 media outlets from all over the world covered the story including Good Morning America and the New York Times.

It was featured in the UK’s Metro Newspaper and 60 TV production companies contacted me (a number of those I originally reached out to who said no) and it was filed for 18 months by Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Elizabeth Murdoch and became a 5 part prime time TV series that aired in the UK, America and Australia…

YES, I created and starred in my own TV show!

How does the relate to you?

If you are thinking the “thing” (website / self-published book / Facebook Ad / media / podcast / speaking on stage) will result in building a tribe it won’t and you are actually delaying your own success and wasting a lot of money in the process.

The ONLY way to grow your business is to get to understand your audience and to learn how to connect with them at a deeper level, in other words… build a tribe!

I would love for you to comment below and let me know what your biggest outtake from this post is?

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