Weekly Focus: Innovate Or Die - Mark Bowness

Weekly Focus: Innovate Or Die

My focus for this week is simple: "Innovate or Die".

Life throws curve balls at us, whether that ball be relationships, career, business, finances or health, irrespective of the nature of that curve ball, they hit us hard.

We have two options:

1) Die - we can choose to move into self-pity mode, to play the blame game and have a full on sympathy party which, as a consequence, will get us know where.

2) Innovate - we can embrace whatever life throws and treat that experience as the air on which we rise, on which we soar high. 

And the choice is totally down to us.

Take a look at this video and make a decision as to what you will embrace in your life and business today - there really is only one option.

Mark "soaring high" Bowness

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Mark Bowness

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