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Episode 58 – Kute Blackson: How To “Un-do” everything we have become to become everything we were created to be.

Tribe leaders if you are struggling with the vastness of your vision, if you have a desire to achieve so much and yet feel as though you are achieving so little, it may be because you don’t know who you really are. This is a powerful episode in which you will be inspired, be led to feel vulnerable and will enable you to truly live who you are and express your gifts to the world in a truly free way.

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Episode 56 – Erik Bergman: Making $50million before the age of 30 made him unhappy to Building a Tribe that Achieves Greatness

Within this episode you will learn how important luck is in the entrepreneurial journey, how crucial failure is to your success, the truth around health and relationships as you grow a business and why you should do what you love and give as much as you possibly can back into the world.
Plus, Erik shares why he spends so much time on social media and exactly how that helps him to build his tribe, his income and his impact.

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Episode 54 – Drew Manning: From Local Average Fitness Trainer To Building A Tribe, A TV Show and a Seven Figure Empire

Drew was an average local fitness coach and created a crazy idea which he called Fit2Fat2Fit, in which he put on an excessive amount of weight in order to show how to take it off again, that resulted in building a tribe, creating a TV show, becoming a New York Times Best selling and building a seven figure business.

Within this episode you will learn how to turn your average business into a global phenomenon, the secrets behind building something bigger than yourself as well as how to master and harness creativity to stand out in a crowded market place. I loved this episode and so will you.

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Episode 50 – Blake Nubar – $1Million in 25 days through the power of Funnels

Blake Nubar is an inspiring entrepreneur and a funnel hacking expert that has sold over 10 million dollars through his website by helping thousands of entrepreneurs to transform their business funnels and make them more successful.

In this episode we discuss:
-What is a funnel?
-The secrets to a successful funnel
-Why the business you end up with may not be the business you started with
-Why mindset is everything
-And why having a gorilla suit is key to a successful business

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Episode 49 – How to build a 5 Figure per month agency within 90 days with Jordan Platten

Within this episode Jordan and I discussed the importance of discipline, resilience and determination as key factors to attract an audience, grow an agency and make a bigger impact in the world. Plus, Jordan shares the inside secrets to explode your social media channels. We also discuss: • The importance of offering a guarantee to stand out in the industry • How case studies are key to building authority and generating clients • The important steps that every coach needs to take to get started with their online marketing

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Episode 47 – Laser focus strategies to find your perfect target market and build an 8 figure tribe with Marcos Moura

In this episode, I sat down with Marcos Moura, the co-founder of Amada Franchise and is the recipient of a ClickFunnel’s 8 Figure Award.

During the session, we dive in the deep end with Marcos and discuss how to find your perfect target market and laser focus on you offering to ensure that you scale to 6, 7 or 8 figures should you choose.

We also discuss mindset, the opportunities that covid brings and why failure is a conduit to your success.

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Episode 46 – How to succeed in unprecedented times with Greg Reid

In this episode of We Build Tribes Podcast, I sat down with Dr Greg Reid who is an entrepreneur, award winning author, keynote speaker, film producer and is known for his giving spirit and translating complicated situations into simple and digestible concepts.
In this episode, we discussed: 1) Starting a business in unprecedented times 2) How to have a mindset of success 3) Why you may have a shitty job and 4) The importance of accountability and responsibility for everything that happens in your life and why the personal development world has screwed up for everyone!

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Episode 45 – Anthony Mc Carthy – The Importance of the Niche on the Entrepreneurial Journey

In this episode of the We Build Tribes Podcast I chat to Anthony Mc Carthy. Anthony is a former rebel, who wasn’t good at school and accidentally became an entrepreneur who over the past ten years has helped countless business owners use the internet and social media to Digitise their business. In this episode we discuss exactly what it takes to become an entrepreneur, the importance of niche and what to expect on the entrepreneurial journey.

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Episode 44 – Bethan Jepson – How to take control of your future, finances and freedom.

In this episode I sat down with Bethan Jepson founder of The Success Circle Network: The Journey To Success Without Sacrifice.
During the session, me and Bethan discussed 1) The importance of QUITTING the J.O.B that most business owners create and diversifying your income stream 2) The 4 all important steps to building a business and living life completely on your terms 3) The importance of IMPACT for an entrepreneur (and how IMPACT can be different for each and every one of us.

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Episode 43 – Darin Kidd – How one multiple seven figure network marketer undertook a powerful pivot during COVID.

In this episode I sat down with Darin Kidd, former franchise owner and seven figure network market who has built international teams of hundreds of thousands of people, works directly with John C Maxwell and runs one of the most popular YouTube Channels on the topic of networking and has also been see on Grant Cardone TV.

In this episode Darin shares the importance of family, faith and fortune, built on the right foundations and how he had to powerfully pivot during COVID.

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