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Episode 73 – Should You Be Marketing Your Business On Club House in 2021 with Mark Bowness

Over the past few week’s Mark’s inbox has been flooded with questions from coaches, consultants and experts wondering if they are crazy not to be on the platform. The answer is… well it depends.

In this episode Mark shares with you who should and should not market their business on Club House in 2021 and offers some suggestions as to how you can rapidly grow your marketing efforts depending on where your business is at.

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Episode 72 – The Absolute Truth Behind What It Takes To Become Millionaire With Dan Henry

Dan Henry has made over $15million in sales through selling info products, he is an 8 figure entrepreneur, a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author and, to be quite honest, is a very inspiring individual.

In this episode we discuss:

– The importance of value when it comes to creating high ticket offerings
– Why you may be a hypocrite as a coach, consultant and expert
– Why your products should be more than $2k
– The truth behind the “I just don’t have the money” objection
– The truth required to become a 7 figure business owner
– Why excuses will be the death of your business

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Episode 70 – From 60lbs Overweight To Building A Global Brotherhood Transforming One Household At A Time with Nicholas Bayerle

Nicholas Bayerle is the founder of Billion Dollar Brotherhood, a radical global movement focused on helping male entrepreneurs to improve their health, wealth and relationships that is changing one household at a time.

In this episode we discuss:

– How to turn your mess into your message
– The importance of doing what’s right, even if you fail.
– Why your why doesn’t matter
– The importance of the identity shift
– Why every entrepreneur should focus on health, wealth and relationships

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Episode 69 – Happy Holidays – Three Things For You To Mull Over with Mark Bowness

Whilst we are aware that COVID will be joining us in 2021 Mark Bowness believes that it’s time to shed off the overwhelm, to understand the truth that irrespective of whatever external circumstances come our way we have all the resources that we need decide and define what we want for our own lives over the next 12 months.

In this short episode Mark shares with you three key areas that he would love for you to mull over in 2021 and in doing so will set you up for whatever success looks like for you.

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Episode 68 – The Raw Truth About Scaling Your Wealth Through Entrepreneurship with Patch Baker

Patch has 31 companies and is impacting Fortune 500 clients to Veteran-owned start-ups, showing them how to lead with tenacity, discipline, and grit to build a successful business.

If you enjoy raw and honest, no-nonsense business building truths then this is the episode for you (but be warned, you may be challenged!)

In this episode we discuss:

-Why niches are for bitches and why growing a vertical will increase your wealth
-How to find your audience and discover your vertical
-Why you should never rely on one business as a revenue stream
-How to grow your business through scaling
-Why you should always be replaceable in your business
-The difference between having a business and being a business
-Why COVID has opened up the doors for endless revenue streams and opportunities
-Why your audience is EVERYTHING

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Episode 66 – The Importance of Building A Personal Brand, A Tribe Leader With Pavlina Papalouka

Pavlina learned that success comes from inside. She had to dig deep and then dedicated her energy and time on educating people how to first get a successful mindset, and later give them the tools to make success tangible.

In this episode we discuss:

-What is a personal brand?
-How to convey ourselves in the way that we want to be perceived
-The importance of defining our brand values
-How mindset plays a key role in building your personal brand
-How manage our online profiles to position ourselves as an authority

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Episode 65 – How To Hit 7 Figures From High Ticket Sales In 12 Months with Mark Bowness

Financial freedom is amazing. But, what I love more… is competing with myself and knowing that I can.

If you dare to dream that you could build a million dollar business in 12 months then let me show you how.

In this episode I share with you:

-The exact figures that you need to know in order to hit your financial goals
-The importance of going hard for 12 months and learning all you can
-The first steps to scaling and what has to happen when
-Why building a tribe is the VITAL KEY to hitting the million mark

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Episode 64 – How To Spot And Deal With Narcissistic Tribe Members with Rebecca Zung

As tribe builders we are fully aware of the various types of people and personalities that we have to deal with, with narcissists being those who can turn your amazing community into a living nightmare – for you and your members.

In this episode Rebecca and I discussed:

-What is a narcissists
-How to handle a narcissist
-How to manage narcissist within your Facebook Group
-How to manage your inner game when dealing with a narcissist
-How to spot and deal with a narcissistic business partner

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Episode 62 – The Secret To Scaling Your Tribe And Business With Ravi Abuvala

Learning how to scale has resulted in Ravi building 2 x 7 Figure Business, being able to spend more time with those that he loves and finally get his fitness and body back in shape.

In this episode we discuss:
-Why passion is correlated to business success
-The importance of Product Market Fit
-Why mindset is key to scaling
-Creating an organic lead generation machine
-Strategic insight to building a sales team

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Episode 58 – Kute Blackson: How To “Un-do” everything we have become to become everything we were created to be.

Tribe leaders if you are struggling with the vastness of your vision, if you have a desire to achieve so much and yet feel as though you are achieving so little, it may be because you don’t know who you really are. This is a powerful episode in which you will be inspired, be led to feel vulnerable and will enable you to truly live who you are and express your gifts to the world in a truly free way.

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Episode 56 – Erik Bergman: Making $50million before the age of 30 made him unhappy to Building a Tribe that Achieves Greatness

Within this episode you will learn how important luck is in the entrepreneurial journey, how crucial failure is to your success, the truth around health and relationships as you grow a business and why you should do what you love and give as much as you possibly can back into the world.
Plus, Erik shares why he spends so much time on social media and exactly how that helps him to build his tribe, his income and his impact.

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Episode 54 – Drew Manning: From Local Average Fitness Trainer To Building A Tribe, A TV Show and a Seven Figure Empire

Drew was an average local fitness coach and created a crazy idea which he called Fit2Fat2Fit, in which he put on an excessive amount of weight in order to show how to take it off again, that resulted in building a tribe, creating a TV show, becoming a New York Times Best selling and building a seven figure business.

Within this episode you will learn how to turn your average business into a global phenomenon, the secrets behind building something bigger than yourself as well as how to master and harness creativity to stand out in a crowded market place. I loved this episode and so will you.

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