Today I had a private session with a well known industry figure who is passionate about ocean conservation and wanted to know how he can turn what he is building into a tribe, a movement. We will call this guy Rich, because that’s his name.

During our conversation Rich explained, “Mark I have an Instagram profile, a Facebook Page, a YouTube Channel, in fact I have people to look after each of these areas. But, how does a tribe fit into this?”

This was such a great question and I am constantly looking for different ways to explain what a tribe is, in a way that business owners and entrepreneurs grasp and understand and so I wanted to share my response with you.

Are you spending all day posting all over social media? – To what end?

I often have people tell me that they have a “tribe” and when I enquire further they tell me they have a few thousand Facebook page likes, perhaps a few hundred views on YouTube or even a few hundred thousand followers on Instagram and therefore, they have a tribe.

One guy recently told me that he had a tribe because he had 100,000 followers on Instagram and when I asked him how much money he was making he said $100 per month. If your audience aren’t buying from you, you don’t have a tribe.

If you are posting all over social media, perhaps an inspirational quote here and there or a short video on 3 steps to achieving Y, then the reality is that you are posting on social media with no specific aim. Ultimately you are just ticking off “posted on social media” from your mental to do list.

But if you are not making money from your online followers, if you don’t have people reaching out to you because they love your content then you don’t have a tribe.

If all social media platforms shut down tomorrow what would happen to your business?

It’s a great question that I often ask prospects who book in a call with me. If all social media platforms closed down tomorrow and your audience weren’t hunting you down because they miss your content and your community then all you have is fans, not a tribe.

So let’s get back to my conversation with Rich and more importantly, his question regarding how a tribe fits into his social media profiles, and my answer is this;

“Your tribe is the glue that holds your social media accounts together and the heartbeat of your tribe is the experience that you take people on so that ultimately they become a part of something bigger than themselves. Your social media profiles are merely a reflection of your tribe’s mission, goals and aims. “

Most entrepreneurs across social media platforms because they have been told to do so, or because “everyone else does it”. But unless you have a tribe, of which at the centre is an experience that takes your audience on a journey you are only going to acquire likes, comments and maybe a few shares… but you will never build a loyal and passionate community.

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