Episode 99 – You Don’t Need Another Course with Mark Bowness

COVID has changed the game, in a totally good way.

As COVID totally unexpectedly smacked the world across the face the result was the realisation that life is precious, that we need to be more present, that we need to look after our finances, that we need to live a life that we love.

The result is an incredible opportunity for coaches, consultants and experts to get out there and help people to make these changes, shifts and improvements in their lives.

Whilst the opportunity exists for you to change more lives, you are not grasping that opportunity with everything that you have because you are stuck in “another course”. 

In this solo podcast I share with you my belief that you don’t need another course, but you need a team of people around you, who are experts, focusing on their genius, to release you to be able to do what you love most… to change and transform lives.

If the content of this podcast resonates with you please email me on mark@markbowness.com.au and let me know – I would love to hear from you!

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