Episode 92 – Group Launcher Live: From 0 Audience To 400 Tribe Members in 12 Weeks with Romana Hasenohrl

Romana has a passion to inspire 50,000 people to live a life of happiness. After launching her business Romana struggled to create a message that connected with her audience at a deeper level, she struggled to generate leads and as a result became very worried about money.

Romana took action on the Group Launcher Live Challenge and became a client of our Tribe To Authority programme and realised that more than anything else it was her mindset that was holding her back. We worked with Romana to change her mindset, she increased her prices and the clients came flooding in.

As a direct result of our training Romana went from an audience of 0 to 400 leads in 12 weeks and in this episode we show you how.

In this episode you will also learn:

  • How mindset plays a key role in your business success or failure
  • Why charging your worth is detrimental to how your prospects perceive you
  • Why the Tribe To Authority shift will catapult your business to success 
  • How The 100 Trust Point System will enable you to build a never ending lead generation stream
  • How to sell your book in your group
  • How building your authority will secure media coverage 

To Connect With Romana Hasenohrl

Join Romana Hasenohrl in her Happiness Reloaded tribe

Mark’s wildly successful Group Launcher Live Challenge is opening its doors once more in which, over 14 days, he will work with you to launch a Facebook Group and turn it into a tribe generating HIGH QUALITY leads within days. 

Register right here: www.launchyourtribe.com

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