Episode 84 – How Manuel Suarez Generated 220,000 Leads in 6 Weeks During Lockdown

Manuel Suarez is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of the Attention Grabbing Media agency located in New York. 

Manuel’s childhood was focused on his passion to become a professional tennis player, but adolescence took him down a different path of bad friendships and drugs. Manuel hit bankruptcy in 2007 whilst living with his wife in Mexico.

By 2016 Manuel had moved to the United States and went from being a waiter to launching his Attention Grabbing Media Agency and recently launched a social media campaign, during COVID that resulted in 220,000 leads in 6 weeks. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • The reason why you are missing out on the most incredible business opportunities 
  • Why STRATEGY will get you through the pandemic, financial hardship and will help you to win whatever war your business may face.
  • Why giving MORE VALUE will result in INCREASED clients
  • The importance of knowing your superpower and sharing it with the world
  • The secrets behind generating 220,000 leads in 6 weeks.

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