Episode 78 – How To Use Video To Drive Leads And Sales With Mark Fidelman

Mark Fidelman is the CEO for Fanatics Media, a Digital Marketing Agency with a focus on ecommerce and influencers. He was named a Huffington Post Top 50 Most Social CEO, and Inc said he’s one of the top 25 social media keynote speakers.

During this episode we dive deep with Mark into the importance of video marketing to grow your tribe, we dive deep into how to create engaging video content, how to master the art of audio and video, how to build a successful YouTube Channel and how easy it is for every amateur to become a pro at video marketing even if you suck at video!

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why video marketing is importance for every entrepreneur in 2021
  • The 30 day strategy to become confident in front of a camera 
  • How to spin existing trending content that will boost your online profile
  • How to take your business to the next level through free online training
  • The keys to a successful YouTube Channel 

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Mark’s wildly successful Group Launcher Live Challenge is opening its doors once more in which, over 14 days, he will work with you to launch a Facebook Group and turn it into a tribe generating HIGH QUALITY leads within days. 

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