Episode 73 – Should You Be Marketing Your Business On Club House in 2021 with Mark Bowness

It feels as though Club House has come out of nowhere as the next trendy marketing platform that all the celebrities, guru’s and superstars are hanging out on – from Oprah Winfrey to Russell Brunson, from Tai Lopez to Chris Rock.

Many coaches, consultants and business owners are hearing whispers in the wind of entrepreneurs who have made $30,000+ in high ticket sales simply through sharing their content on this live audio only app.

But, is Club House a platform that you should be using to market your business on in 2021, or is this another shiny object that will lead to nowhere. 

Over the past few week’s Mark’s inbox has been flooded with questions from coaches, consultants and experts wondering if they are crazy not to be on the platform. The answer is… well it depends.

In this episode Mark shares with you who should and should not market their business on Club House in 2021 and offers some suggestions as to how you can rapidly grow your marketing efforts depending on where your business is at.

If you have been caught up in the Club House hype it’s worth checking this short episode as Mark will give you the direct advice that you are looking for. 

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