Episode 72 – The Absolute Truth Behind What It Takes To Become Millionaire With Dan Henry

Dan Henry has made over $15million in sales through selling info products, he is an 8 figure entrepreneur, a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author and, to be quite honest, is a very inspiring individual. 

But Dan started off selling pizzas, he then failed at running an agency, failed at creating a bar and after going bankrupt he relaunched his agency not selling content marketing but running ads for local businesses and grew it to more that $25,000 per month in sales.

Dan’s is widely known for his company, GetClients.com where he teaches his clients how to run 8 Figure Digital Product Business.  This is a REAL, no holds barred conversation that if you implement will set you up for REAL success. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • The importance of value when it comes to creating high ticket offerings 
  • Why you may be a hypocrite as a coach, consultant and expert 
  • Why your products should be more than $2k
  • The truth behind the “I just don’t have the money” objection
  • The truth required to become a 7 figure business owner 
  • Why excuses will be the death of your business

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