Episode 65 – How To Hit 7 Figures From High Ticket Sales In 12 Months with Mark Bowness

When I first started my coaching business I struggled to sell my services at $100, that was until I had a conversation with a mentor of mine that changed my life. We got on a whiteboard and he showed me  how 7 figures in 12 months was totally possible. 

I committed myself to it and I achieved that goal. I have now built  a multiple seven figure business. 

Financial freedom is amazing. But, what I love more… is competing with myself and knowing that I can.

If you dare to dream that you could build a million dollar business in 12 months then let me show you how.

In this episode I share with you:

  • The exact figures that you need to know in order to hit your financial goals
  • The importance of going hard for 12 months and learning all you can
  • The first steps to scaling and what has to happen when
  • Why building a tribe is the VITAL KEY to hitting the million mark

Plus, I have also paid my Tribe Accelerator team to have a call with you so show you how, based upon your unique set of circumstances and situations, can build a million dollar business in 12 months. 

Start your 2021 KNOWING the exact steps that you need to take to grow your business in 2021 and book in your free tribe accelerator call right here: www.mytribecall.com

You can book in your

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