Episode 59 – 108 High Ticket Appointments In 7 Days with Mark Bowness

In this solo podcast I wanted to lift the lid on an interview I did with one of my students, Alex Carmeli. 

Alex went from struggling to grow her coaching business, having zero authority and little credibility to building a passionately engaged tribe that resulted in 108 people wanting to work with her…within 7 days.

The two key factors in Alex’s ongoing success are trust and authority and in this episode I share with you why the old model of building a website and sending people to your website to buy a product or download a lead magnet is over. The key to the success of your business is to build a tribe.

During this episode I also answer the important “What is a tribe?” question of which the answer contains for specific keys that will enable you to grow your tribe across ANY and EVERY social media platform and beyond. 

Plus you will also learn why 7 days of success doesn’t simply happen in “just 7 days”.

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