Episode 56 – Erik Bergman: Making $50million before the age of 30 made him unhappy to Building a Tribe that Achieves Greatness

Erik Bergman made $50million at an incredibly young age, he woke up the next day with a significant amount of money in the bank but realised that he wasn’t happy. Erik thought that money would bring happiness but in the pursuit of that success he neglected his health and relationships.

It was a trip to Africa that made him realise that there are more important things in the world than money. Erick has now built a tribe that is dedicated to making as much money as he possibly can in order to give as much as he possibly can back into the world. 

Within this episode you will learn how important luck is in the entrepreneurial journey, how crucial failure is to your success, the truth around health and relationships as you grow a business and why you should do what you love and give as much as you possibly can back into the world. Plus, Erik shares why he spends so much time on social media and exactly how that helps him to build his tribe, his income and his impact. 

Listen and be inspired. 

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