Episode 52 – Peter Sage: From Prison To Living A Life That Achieves The Spectacular

Peter Sage dropped out of school at 16, built 27 International companies, was an Experience Trainer for Tony Robbins for 15 years and is now committed to helping you to raise your game.

Peter is one inspiring individual with the experience to back up this transformational content. Not only has Peter been successful in business, he has also been locked up in prison for 6 months, without ever being charged. During his time in prison Peter chose not to own the identity of a prisoner but the identity of a secret agent of change and is now transforming the way that the prison system works around the world. 

In this episode Peter shares:

– The 3 vital ingredients to emotional maturity

– How to be the star of your movie (and the roles that you play in the movies of others)

– How to unhook from GOOP (the Good Opinion Of Other People)

– How to not be dragged down by your history that holds you back 

– How to choose your identity so that you ultimately own YOUR life

If you are a tribe builder who is struggling with your mindset in this current crazy COVID world then this is inspirational information that you need to devour right now, so do so.

Once you have listened to this episode:

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