Episode 50 – Blake Nubar – $1Million in 25 days through the power of Funnels

Blake Nubar is an inspiring entrepreneur and a funnel hacking expert that has sold over 10 million dollars through his website by helping thousands of entrepreneurs to transform their business funnels and make them more successful.

Despite starting his career just a few years ago, Blake hold the record for recently building the fastest 2 Comma Club Funnel, using only 25 Days to earn more than 1 million dollars on the internet.

Due to his massive success, Blake was able to become partners with an impressive list of the top business leaders and entrepreneurs from the ABC’s Hit TV Show – “Shark Tank”.

Thanks to his work as one of the best sales funnel experts in the world, Blake has managed to build a new “Social Media Funnel” that’s crazy profitable in ANY niche, and can help any person get started with his business in under 10 minutes!

In this episode we discuss:

– What is a funnel?

– The secrets to a successful funnel

– Why the business you end up with may not be the business you started with 

– Why mindset is everything 

– And why having a gorilla suit is key to a successful business 

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