Episode 32 – 3 Important Ways to Protect Your Facebook Group If Your Profile Gets Shut Down

Calling all Group owners: In this episode Mark Bowness shares with you 3 important steps to protect your Facebook group. Mark has built a 7 Figure Income generating Facebook Group that he launched in October 2013 and therefore his experience is not to be missed.

In this episode Mark explains how a hacker got into his personal Facebook profile which resulted in him loosing access to his group of over 32,000 people.

Luckily, being a big fan of Facebook Mark has amazing contacts at Facebook Headquarters and was able to get his account back up and running quickly. However, in this episode Mark wanted to give you 3 important steps for all group owners to ensure that they protect their group.

To receive Mark’s free guide 8 Steps to Build a Tribe, email karen@markbowness.com.au with the subject line “8 Steps” to help future proof your business.

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