Episode 30 – Mark Bowness Interviews Doresa Smith Ibrahim, Founder of Boss Care Giver

In this episode Mark Bowness caught of with Doresa Smith Ibrahim of Boss Caregiver. Doresa has an incredible story of how she unexpectedly became a Carer for her Mum and is also a Carer for her daughter. With the tremendous pressure placed upon Doresa to look after the needs of those around her she decided to launch a business that met the needs of her particular lifestyle and is now passionate about helping other Caregivers to do the same.

In this episode we discussed:

– How to respond to the frailty of life

– The opportunities that exist if we “never give up”

– How starting the journey of creating a business is more important than the end goal.

– The incredible tribe that Doresa has built serving people who are caregivers as she helps them to build a business around the demands of their need to provide care

Click here to join Doresa’s Facebook Group: Boss Carer Giver.

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