Episode 23 – Mark Bowness Interviews Publicist Pro, Susie Campbell

Susie Campbell is a Publicist Pro whose clients have appeared on TV, Radio and Newspaper across Australia, the UK and have even been interviewed for the New York Times. With this episode of the We Build Tribes Podcast Mark wanted to dive deep on the relationship that media plays in building your tribe.

In this episode Mark and Susie covered:

– The hidden opportunity of media coverage

– How one of Susie’s clients cancelled their event, appeared in the media and sold out the same event

– The no.1 tip for every business owner wanting to secure media coverage

– As well as answering your questions

Conclusion: media, absolutely, has to be the priority for every business owner in 2020.

To connect with Susie visit – Hullabaloo PR

Or join her Facebook Group right here: Ambitious Business Owners – Become Known, Become Famous.

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