Episode 142 – How To Be Successful In Business Irrespective of The Political Or Economic Climate That We Find Ourselves In With Cory Jean

Cory Jean is an 8-figure CEO, Entrepreneur, and Author who helps businesses implement the latest cutting edge Marketing, Sales, and Operational (MSO) strategies to grow and maximize their businesses.

Cory trains and motivates his clients to develop and implement the latest techniques for their Branding, Social Media Marketing, Sales funnels, and Peak Operational strategies. Cory believes that by doing so we Maximize New Sales, Increase Equity, Minimize Risk, and Increase Market Share for dramatic gains in Top Line Revenue and Bottom Line Net Profits.

For over 20 years Cory has worked with thousands of companies to perfect their internal and outsourced marketing, sales, and management programs by giving them expert guidance on the latest proven strategies. His solutions have been developed and perfected for over two decades with thousands of companies both big and small to ensure that they consistently increase new sales and profits predictably to scale. Cory’s systems and strategies have been proven to work for every industry, at all sales levels, and in every economy. 

Cory prides himself and his team on being on the cutting edge at all times. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • The opportunity that exists to capitalise on the down turn.
  • What makes a profitable funnel, in the current climate.
  • The key lessons to be learned from building an Instagram following of half a million people. 
  • The insider secrets to making the social media algorithms work for you.
  • How to create social media followers into social media prospects

To Connect With Cory Jean

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Grab a copy of Cory’s book “Maximise Your Now” right here: https://www.maximizeyournow.com/

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