Episode 140 – Write Your Book And Instantly Double Your Income With David Hancock

David Hancock is the Founder of Morgan James Publishing and The Ethan Awards, and has co-authored seventeen books including Guerrilla Marketing for Writers and The Entrepreneurial Author.

NASDAQ cites David as one of the world’s most prestigious business leaders, and he is reported to be the future of publishing. David was selected for Fast Company Magazine’s Fast 50 for his leadership, creative thinking, significant accomplishments, and his significant impact on the industry over the last ten years.

David also sits on the Executive Board of Habitat for Humanity Peninsula, and is chairman of the Board of The National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why writing a book will set you apart and give you a golden ticket doubling your income in a matter of months
  • Why taking a journey of exploration will open the most incredible doors of opportunity for you
  • How a book will enable you to double your prices, secure your speaking opportunities and enable you to book media coverage. 
  • The difference between self-publishing, traditional publishing and hybrid publishing
  • What Morgan James Publishing are looking for in an author right now

To Connect With David Hancock:

Follow David on Instagram right here: https://www.instagram.com/davidlhancock/

To find out more about Morgan James Publishing check out their website right here: https://www.morgan-james-publishing.com

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