Episode 134 – What Needs To Be Done To Have An Extraordinary Life with Coach Micheal Burt

Micheal Burt is a Super Coach. He is a former championship coach who has an entrepreneurial mindset. Coach Burt has quickly become the go-to business coach for aggressive minded companies in competitive and saturated markets who want to look different, run faster, and be agile.

Coach Burt holds the WORLD RECORD for most speaking engagements in a single day with 40, is author of 16 best selling books and founder of the global successful coaching programme Monster Growth Academy.

Micheal has a unique energy and perspective that comes from his coaching acumen married with his unique abilities of taking the complicated and making it simple, packaging and delivering content in ways that create action, and his versatility across multiple disciplines with quantifiable evidence of success.

Micheal’s client list ranges from small entrepreneurial firms to multi-billion dollar companies such as Dell, Inc, John Hancock Insurance Services, Ohio National, Vanderbilt University, State Farm Insurance, First Bank, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Firm, Better Homes and Garden, and others.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The most important decision you will ever have to make in your life
  • The reality of the sacrifice gap
  • The 5 activators of your prey drive
  • How to up your day for success (before 4am!)
  • The importance of treating yourself like the pro that you are 

To Connect With Michael:

Follow Micheal on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michealburt/

To find out more about Micheal’s Growth Academy head here: https://coachburt.com/monster-producer-online-academy/

Click here to discover how Mark and his team can take over your lead generation for you, with a 100% ROI guarantee: www.markbowness.org/authority

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