Episode 130 – How To Get Fired Up, Think Big and Become Financially Independent With Omar Periu

Omar Periu is an Author, Master Speaker, Mentor, and Entrepreneur 

At the age of 21, Omar was working as a personal trainer in Los Angeles. He was training famous people but was only making $127 a month. Over the next 10 years Omar turned this struggling business into a $100 million income.

He was a self-made multi-millionaire before the age of 31, owning some of the most profitable health clubs, sports medicine facilities and various other businesses. Omar has already written 21 best selling books.

He subsequently built Omar Periu International, one of the leading wealth training companies in the world.

He has trained more than two million people, and has worked with more than two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies

He has shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, General Colin Powell, President Ford, Larry Bird, Harvey Mackay, Jim Rohn, Terry Bradshaw, Paul Harvey and Lou Holtz, among others. 

He is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been inducted into the prestigious International Platform Association.

His peers and colleagues refer to him as “The Master Motivational Teacher”. Omar has discovered the secret to wealth and prosperity. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • The importance of knowing why it is you do what you do
  • How to scale you so that you can scale your business
  • How self-development is vital to your wealth, health and spirit
  • How to get fired up and think big irrespective of your circumstances
  • Why P.B.S is the key to your financial freedom
  • Why you should throw yourself in the fire pressure
  • Why you should never mistake activity for results

To Connect With Omar

Head To Omar’s Website: https://www.omarperiu.com

Follow Omar on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omarperiu/

Grab your free copy of Omar’s Book “Get Fired Up”: https://getfiredupebook.gr8.com/

Click here to discover how Mark and his team can take over your lead generation for you, with a 100% ROI guarantee: www.markbowness.org/authority

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