Episode 126 – How To Build And Manage A Global Team With Alex Carmeli

Alex Carmeli started life as a personal trainer who was passionate about living life differently and not getting stuck in the “9-5” grind, after supervising several fitness locations and generating over $3million in sales she quit her job to launch her own business.

Alex wrote a leadership book, found a new level of confidence and started her leadership consultancy business. Alex is a multi-skilled individual who has obtained a dual-degree in Linguistics & Psychology from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She has facilitated 200+ leadership training on topics such as team building, coaching, business development and mentorship. Alex has worked with 100+ (over 15,000 hours) clients ranging from leaders building teams in corporate settings, coaches building private consulting businesses and entrepreneurs looking to take on a CEO role in their business. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How building a tribe will solve your lead generation problem (Alex generate $30k in sales 4 weeks)
  • How to run a successful global team… virtually.
  • How to manage proactive and reactive communication with your global team 
  • The importance of standing operating procedures so that you can grow and scale your business
  • Why you should get comfortable with uncomfortable conversations
  • How to manage operating hours with global teams

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