Episode 120 – How To Build a Wealthy Business With BossBabe Co-Founder Danielle Canty

Danielle started her career as a chiropractor, graduating from the University of South Wales with a Chiropractic Distinction. But soon became a serial entrepreneur and part of one of the fastest-growing multi-disciplinary primary healthcare companies in the UK.

She co-founded BossBabe, which has become the fastest-growing educational media company for female entrepreneurs.

Danielle has been the right-hand to the CEO in scaling the company from a start-up to a multi-million dollar company in less than 2 years. Along the way, Danielle has developed industry-recognized thought leadership on creating, scaling, and monetizing a brand.

She’s also spoken at multiple conferences, is one of the hosts of The BossBabe Podcast, and is seen as a leader in the operational scaling of start-ups.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why understanding your VALUES should come before starting your own business
  • How to find the best business model that works for YOU
  • Why understanding your tolerance to risk is key to deciding how you set up your business
  • Why mindset and physical health are directly related to your net worth

To Connect With Danielle

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