Episode 119 – How Did I Share A Stage With Jay Abraham?

Last night Mark Bowness had the incredible opportunity to share a stage with Jay Abraham with over 2,000 business owners and entrepreneurs who had registered to attend. 

Not only that, last year Mark also had the opportunity to share a stage with Tony Robbins and had 200 people become his clients overnight.

This week Mark was asked an important question, “How DID you share a stage with Jay Abraham?”

Most coaches, consultants and experts have a passion to share the stage with their heroes – not simply for the sake of vanity for the purpose and power of authority by association.

However, most people succeed in sharing the sage with their idols because they go about it the wrong way.

In this live Mark Bowness shares with you the step by step process that he used to not only share a stage with Jay Abraham and Tony Robbins but to also secure Success Resources, the no1 personal development event company in the world as his high end 1:1 client. 

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