Episode 117 – Lead Generation On Autopilot. 100% Guaranteed with Mark Bowness

For so long I was a coach who was passionate about transforming people’s lives but I was getting lost in the business of building a business. 

The leads.





Until I decided to train a team of Virtual Assistant to manage this process for me, to ensure that I had leads coming into my business every single day.

The VA’s were so effective in generating leads for me that I didn’t want to keep this to myself and so I turned it into a service.

This week we trained 35 VA’s, over 75 coaches, consultants and experts are benefiting from this service and in this solo podcast I wanted to share with you how you can partner with me to ensure that you generate leads, on autopilot, spending only $2.50 per hour on your VA. 100% ROI Guaranteed. 

Find out more here: http://markbowness.org/authority

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