Episode 116 – How To Build A Highly Profitable Coaching Business With Lori Kennedy

Lori Kennedy is a Toronto based health & wellness business expert, online strategist, and mother of 2, who works with health professionals who want to grow their purpose-driven business in the new online economy. 

After experiencing health issues as a child Lori struggled to find a doctor who could provide a concrete solution to her health issue, she decided to study nutrition in order to understand how her own body worked.

After launching her own health business Lori became passionate about helping other practitioners to build their work and change their lives. 

13 years later Lori  now runs a multi-million dollar global business that supports alternative health practitioners and coaches providing business training and personal development tools needed to grow a successful online business. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • The 3 instant strategies to grow a coaching business
  • How to define and choose a niche that is right for you
  • The biggest mistake that you can make when choosing a niche
  • The difference between demographics and psychographics
  • The importance of creating a signature system

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Join Lori’s 5 Day Online StartUp  Bootcamp: https://start.thewellnessbusinesshub.com/5daybootcamp

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