Episode 111 – Want Mark Bowness to Build Your Lead Generation Team For You?

Mark Bowness believes that there is a gift in COVID, that gift is that there is a heightened awareness from people all over the world who want to change and transform their lives. However, most coaches are getting stuck in the business of building a business. 

Mark and his team have launched his Scale With Authority service in which he will train and manage virtual assistants who will build your authority online and generate organic leads for you.

In this episode Mark shares with you this service and how it can help you. Plus, Mark reiterates that there are only 10 places available. Listen to this episode to find out more.

If you would like to never have to worry about generating leads again and would like Mark to build and manage your team for you simply email mark@markbowness.com.au with the subject line Scale With Authority. 

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