Episode 110 – How To Increase Your Revenue Through SEO and Email Lists With Hernan Vazquez

Hernan Vazquez decided to leave Argentina in 2011 in order to pursue a life of entrepreneurship. However, just like many passionate and eager entrepreneurs, success did not come easy. In fact, at one stage in his journey Hernan was forced to make the decision as to whether he should pay for food or for heating.

Under the hardest of circumstances Hernan started working online, writing articles and selling them for $5.00 on fiverr. It was through this experience that he discovered the secrets of SEO, of connecting with audiences in powerful ways that would lead him to online Marketing and funnels success.

Hernan learned how to make websites and send them traffic, and then applied everything that he knew to build a very profitable business from working with the best in the world including Grant Cardone.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What search engine optimization (SEO) is
  • When you should start focusing on SEO in your business
  • How to get started on creating an SEO strategy
  • How to use email effectively to generate leads
  • The importance of using email to repurpose your content

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