Episode 101 – How To Break The 6 Figure Ceiling In Your Coaching Business with Mark Bowness

“What got you to 6 figures, won’t get you to 7” was a statement that was thrown at me a lot during my 6 figure days. I had no idea what it meant, but now I do.

This week I was asked this question; “I have hit a 6 figure ceiling in my coaching business that I just can’t seem to break through. What advice would you give?” And in this episode I give you the answer.

There are two key aspects of taking your business from 6-7 figures that will position you as an authority, that will free you of your time, will enable you to make more money AND enjoy the work that you do without feeling the overwhelm and burnout of the 6 figure mark.

Listen to this episode and let me share with you the exact process that I have been through to smash the 6 figure ceiling in my coaching business. 

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