Episode 100 – Building A Tribe of 20,000 in 6 Months With Blair Robinson

Blair Robinson, like many, was stuck in a corporate job, was hating every minute of it and was trying to find a way out. Whilst remaining in the corporate world Blair trained as a life coach and launched his coaching practice. And, guess what happened… nothing.

Blair was focused on trying to build his business on the old model – a website, a lead magnet and trying to get as many people as possible to download that lead magnet. It just wasn’t working.

Blair stumbled across Mark Bowness’ tribe building content and instantly saw the connection. After rigorously applying the content Blair built a tribe of 20,000 people in just 6 months and now has a tribe of nearly 60,000 people. As you can imagine Blair no longer has to worry about generating leads again. 

Blair Robinson is the Movement Mentor across Mark Bowness’ programmes, Services and offerings. 

In this episode we:

  • Celebrate our 100th podcast 
  • Share with you exactly what it took for Blair to shift from corporate to a full time coaching business that he loves 
  • Reveal the difference between the old model and the new model of building a coaching business
  • Share with you the exact steps required to build a business that you love without having to worry about generating leads along the way. 

To Connect With Blair Robinson

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Mark’s wildly successful Group Launcher Live Challenge is opening its doors once more in which, over 14 days, he will work with you to launch a Facebook Group and turn it into a tribe generating HIGH QUALITY leads within days. 

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