When I was younger I would create a “Summer Fair” (or fete for those stateside) in my bedroom which comprised of multiple stands on which there were the most amazing games that I had made up. These games had an entry fee and were devised to make sure that my brothers and sister’s pocket money became mine, whilst they had an awesome fun time playing my games, of course! (Check out baby Mark in the stripy green above!)

My brother recently told me that his memory of me during his childhood was that I was always coming up with a way to make money. It’s true – I always had some plot or business that would enable me to make money and live life on my terms.

And I always made money.

In fact I am lucky enough to say that I have never worked for anyone else in my life – I have always been a sub-contractor, working on my terms or running my own business, so that I could live as I choose.

The past 7 days have been incredible for my business and have included:

  • Entrepreneurs On Fire. I have been interviewed on John Lee Dumas’ notable podcast that goes out to 1million listeners per month and was told this week that this episode would drop on the 24th July.
  • $100,000 in sales in one day. I have previously had $100,000 months, but never a $100,000 day.
  • Speaking at the Success Resources Virtual Summit alongside one of my heroes, Tony Robbins.

I have spent 72 hours thinking about writing this post and have questions whether I should, or shouldn’t. On the one hand I have question whether it is “professional” to be sharing these successes, on the other hand I am remarkably proud of what I have achieved.


Because I am one of six children brought up in a working class area and had a dream of building my own business – I have doubted myself so often, I have questioned my lack of ability in many areas. I wasn’t very good a tech, I wasn’t very good at sales. In fact for 12 months I struggled to sell my services in at $100 per hour.

I decided to share this success with you because it wouldn’t have happened without two things: self-belief and and an uncompromising belief in what is possible.

Self Belief is the ability to know what you are capable of achieving no matter what anyone else around you tells you and irrespective of what your inner critic, during your toughest moments, tries to convince you to believe.

An uncompromising belief in what is possible is essential for the world to progress. True entrepreneurship is about creating a vision for tomorrow and turning that vision into reality.

Everything you touch, every form of transport, technology or even sport that you play was created in the mind of someone first, before it was brought into life.

We are at an incredible moment in history in which the world needs to be transformed; new businesses are required to lower the employment rate, new non-profit organisations are required to solve the world’s biggest problems and brand new inventions are required to be created to improve the way that we live.

But, this will only happen with self belief and an uncompromising belief in what is possible.

It is such a cliche but it’s equally true: if this working class kid, who was never at the top of his class, who was never good at sport and went through his school life being bullied can build a business that is both changing lives and enables him to never have to worry about money. Then, so can you.

I believe in you.

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