It always surprises entrepreneurs to hear that I generated $1million in sales without having a website and with our paying a single cent on paid advertising. There is a common mis-belief that in order to generate sales we have to have a flashy website and invest money into marketing – neither of these long standing beliefs are true.

I firmly believe that too many online business owners invest time and money into brand spanking new websites and into creating products, online programmes or course and then they launch them and guess what happens? No one buys. Why?

Two reasons:

Reason No.1: You don’t have an audience and so you launch your product to no-one. “If you build it they will come” doesn’t work.

Reason No.2: You have invested time and money into creating a product or programme that you think is a good idea, but you don’t know if anyone needs it.

On October 29th 2013 I created a Facebook Group now called “We Build Tribes“, a place where passionate, mission driven tribe builders can go to learn the tools, the techniques and resources that they need to increase their income and their impact.

Implementing the 100 Trust Point System

I believe that every prospect has a trust point bank and we need to fill that trust point bank with 100 trust points before we even start talking about a product. As soon as I launched my community I gave value every day in the form of Facebook posts, videos, long form and short form content and free resources. I was smashing those trust points in the trust point bank.

I made a decision that I was not going to launch an online group programme until I had 3,000 people within my community which took 3 months.

Getting paid to understand the primary needs of my audience

Whilst I was simultaneously increasing the numbers in my tribe and slam dunking trust points in their trust point bank I had individuals reach out to me wanting 1:1 coaching. In this way my direct target market was paying me to understand the dominant needs of my audience as they were a sample size of that community with the same challenges and needs

Creating a course that met their needs

I was listening to my clients ad understanding their challenges whilst at the same time I was listening to the conversations taking place within the group and chose a topic for my first online programme that I knew would be a hit.

Three months after launching the group I hit the magic figure of 3,000 members, the trust points were high and my group programme was ready to launch.

$100,000 in sales in just 7 days

Without a website, without paid ad spend, based upon nothing but the power of human connection I generated $100,000 in sales and repeated the process numerous times in order to hit my first 7 Figure income.

So, what’s the conclusion?

As entrepreneurs we believe that we have to invest, create, spend time and waste money in order to make money, it’s simply not true. In fact it’s often easier to place blame and to come up with excuses rather than doing the actual work.

If you focus on building a tribe, a movement and filling your communities trust point bank you will be overflowing with prospects knowing on your door wanting to work with you.

Trust me, it’s exactly how I have been running my business for 21 years.

Are you ready to make the Tribe To Authority Shift? Click here to watch my masterclass and I will show you how.

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