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Which comes first: The Audience or the Authority?

“If you build it they will come” was the words that echoed around the online marketing world, a line from Kevin Costner’s Hollywood’s blockbuster “Field of Dreams” in 1989.

But hold on, let’s look at that date again… 1989. Yup. Over 31 years ago.
And yet many still apply this strategy to their marketing in 2020.

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Entrepreneurs on Fire, Speaking at a Summit With Tony Robbins and a $100,000 day couldn’t happen without these two things.

When I was younger I would create a “Summer Fair” (or fete for those stateside) in my bedroom which comprised of multiple stands on which there were the most amazing games that I had made up. These games had an entry fee and were devised to make sure that my brothers and sister’s pocket money became mine, whilst they had an awesome fun time playing my games, of course! (Check out baby Mark in the stripy green above!)

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