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Mark Bowness has a purpose;

"The purpose of my life is to become the world's no.1 resource to inspire and equip people to turn their life experience into a 6-7 figure business and as a result build a tribe that powerfully shapes the world".

Much of Mark's free content and resources of this nature can be found over at his Million Dollar You Academy.​​

Mark has been building impactful tribes since the year 2000 with his first being a motivational tribe for young people in the U.K. During this time Mark regularly spoke at events across the UK and Europe, published two magazines, wrote a book called “Rad Lad Livin” and took young people to Nakuru, Kenya to work in orphanages and to provide assistance to those who lived in the slums.

Mark’s life came crumbling down when at the age of 26 years old his marriage ended as a result of his private struggle with his sexuality, he googled “most quickest and painless way to die” and attempted to take his own life. Mark woke up the next day in a hospital bed and realised just how precious life was. Mark explains further;

“Prior to this day I saw my future a black hole that I did not want to enter. But, after my suicide attempt, I saw my future as a blank canvas on which I could paint whatever picture I wanted. I realised that life was a precious gift.”

With a new found mentality that we “live life once”, three months later Mark launched a global business, Tribewanted and brought people together from around the world online, in order to do something that had a positive offline reality to it. And so, an eco-island in Fiji was born.

After Tribewanted appeared in 200 media outlets around the world Mark was invited by big brands to help them build tribes. From Richard Branson’s Virgin to UK wide Restaurant chain Red Hot World Buffet to TV production companies including Endemol, Mark was addicted to helping brands to build significant and meaningful tribes that shaped the world.

As successful as Mark’s life had become he could not forget the night that he typed these words into Google, “most quickest and painless way to die”. That night Mark vowed to himself that he would never allow any individual to experience the depth of pain that he had gone through. Mark made a commitment to help coaches, personal development experts, thought leaders and change makers to build brands that truly shape the world.

Mark had successfully turned his life experience into an incredibly successful business and has now helped over 5000 amazing individuals to turn what they already know into a 6-7 figure mentoring or coaching business that positively impacts the world. 

In 2013 Mark created the Million Dollar You Community Group, what has become the fastest growing group for mentors, coaches and experts, which now stands at over 30,000 people. In this group Mark shares insightful tools and resources to help you to unleash your million dollar you. 

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How To Build A 6-7 Figure Facebook Group Without A Big Brand Ad Budget 

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