60 Coaches Required For 2018
Build your tribe, hit $5k in sales per week,
speak at 12 events and be interviewed in 12 media outlets...
...or your money back!

You have this strong voice within you telling you that you were created for a bigger purpose, that 2018 is the time to play a bigger game but you just don't know where to start. 

You have listened to the "experts" and as a result have tried Facebook Ads, you have posted all over social media, you have blogged, created landing pages, maybe even self published a book and all the rest. But all the clicks, the likes, the views and web hits are just not turning into money.

In a world of 8 billion people, there are 10,000 people out there, your direct target market who woke up this morning shedding private tears because they need a solution to their problem. You are that solution, they just don't know that you exist. You know they’re out there, but you just can’t seem to connect with them.

Here's your problem: You have not built your "zone of influence", your tribe who position you as the ultimate authority within your niche.  You haven't learnt to "sell" in a way that feels congruent to you.

So many coaches work in the same space these days that unless you stand out from the crowd, you simply won’t be heard above the background noise. So how do you rise up and get heard? 

The only way is to become THE influencer in your niche. The only way is to build a tribe.

By building a tribe of people who know and trust you... and want everything you’re offering. When you create a powerful tribe around your message, the right people are attracted to you. You build rapport en masse, rise above the crowd and become a voice that actually gets heard.

Introducing: Mark Bowness' 
7 Figure Tribe Mentorship Programme

Mark Bowness' 7 Figure Tribe 12 month mentorship programme sees Mark personally hand-hold 60 coaches, consultants and experts through their journey from unknown to influencer within their niche building their tribe of 10,000 passionate consumers of your content and products . This first "DOUBLE GUARANTEE" program of its kind, is your guided step-by-step plan to enable to take you from unknown coach to global stage setting you well on your way to impacting 1MILLION lives. Mark Bowness mentors you through the business model that has resulted in himself and over 300 clients achieve significant success.

During this 3-phase program, you’ll build your tribe of 10,000+ people and learn how to get paid a strong steady income with the goal of hitting $5k in sales per week, speak at 12 events and be interviewed in 12 media outlets. You’ll learn all the tools and techniques to build your brand, ensure that you master the sales process in an authentic and congruent way and finally fall in love with your coaching business once again knowing that you are truly impacting lives all over the world. 

Discover how to turn your passion into a tribe and as  a result resonate with your audience at a deeper level. You will launch your tribe both online and offline building a hungry tribe of passionate consumers of your content and products.

You will create a "zone of influence", learn how to provide stand out serious value and convert at a higher level as a result

You will build a hungry tribe of up to 10,000
You will learn and implement Mark's unique 
"7 Figure Authentic Sales System" resulting in seriously warm leads booking into your diary every single day. You will never have to chase the leads again!

You will learn how to master the sales conversion process, even if you don't like sales. 

You will learn how to generate $5k in sales every single week.
Building a tribe of 10,000 people will catapult your influence and authority.

Mark will show you how to maximise your tribe to ensure that you speak at 12 events and be interviewed in 12 media outlets around the world.

For most of our clients, 12 is a minimum, as Mark shows you how to leverage your profile to appear in the media time and time again and have endless requests to speak at events. 

Mark Bowness' Six Levels of Support
7 Figure Tribe is a 12 month results driven mentorship programme that is open to only 60 coaches, consultants or experts at any one time.
 During this programme Mark provides 6 levels of support:


Mark has created practical step-by-step training videos covering the areas of engage, convert and amplify that you can implement immediately. From day one you will be guided on the right steps that will transform your business over the next 12 months.


Each video will have homework that you will complete and post in the private Facebook Group for clients receiving direct and personalised feedback from Mark to ensure that you are building your tribe and business on the right foundation.


Within these live sessions Mark his team will answer your questions live giving you guided feedback to ensure that you achieve rapid and personalised results. 


Mark has vowed never to create a programme that will allow you to fall through the cracks. Each week you will fill in our accountability system submitting your results by the end of the week enabling Mark to provide you specific support where you need it most.


Mark has been building tribes since the year 2000 and continues to build his tribes today. Within these monthly online immersions Mark will teach you the latest tribe building trends to keep you ahead of the curve. 


Each quarter we will hang out in person and gain in-depth teaching and hands on training enabling you to master and excel in many areas including sales, media, Facebook Ads and much more.
The "Double Guarantee"
Mark dedicates himself and his team to ensuring the results of 60 clients at anyone time and commits himself to his 
"unheard of" double guarantee comprising of:
  • If, in the first three months of the "7 Figure Tribe" programme,  you don't build a powerful tribe of at least 200 people you will receive every single cent back and your access to the programme will be cancelled.*
  • If, by the end of the program you have not at least tripled your financial investment into the course programme, you will receive a full refund plus $1,000 out of Mark's own back pocket*
* Please note that this guarantee is open to those who take action on the programme, who attend the weekly and monthly live sessions, who submit their weekly accountability sheets and who attend the retreats. 

Mark has been building 7 Figure Tribes since the year 2000 with his first global tribe appearing in 200 media outlets all over the world, from Good Morning America to the New York Times, from the South China Morning Post to the National Geographic. Tribe Wanted was even filmed for 18 months and became a five part prime time TV series that aired in the UK, USA and Australia - Tribe Wanted even secured a six figure book deal!

Mark has rapidly become a significant influencer within the personal development field having built his own tribe "I Work In Personal Development" to over 24,500 people which has generated multiple millions of dollars in sales. 

Mark can be found speaking all over the world and mentors coaches, consultants, experts, social entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to build 7 Figure Tribes and utilise those tribes to gain significant media attention. 

In his "spare time" Mark can be found hanging out with his partner, walking his gorgeous dog Evie and travelling as far and wide as he can to experience as many unique cultures as possible. 

"I am committed to transforming the lives of 1 Million people by helping 100 coaches, consultants and experts to build their own tribes of 10,000 people. Already we are collectively impacting over 200,000 lives"
– Mark Bowness

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