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How To Build A 6-7 Figure Facebook Group Without A Big Brand Ad Budget 

(And With Zero Tech Complications)

Meet Mark Bowness

Mark Bowness is a leading authority on helping every day individuals to turn what they already know into a 6-7 figure mentoring or coaching business. Mark takes his clients through his unique "Engage, Convert and Amplify" system.

Most coaches, consultants, experts, mentors and change makers waste time and money building a product or service and then launch it to no-one, with the resounding result of zero sales. Through his Engage process Mark teaches his clients how to build a tribe of passionate raving fans first, then clarifying the needs of that tribe to create a product or service and learning how to sell hitting a 95% conversion rate. Once the tribe is place and money is being generated Mark then helps his clients to amplify their influence through appearing in the media, speaking at events and becoming the "go to" expert in their field, ultimately building a global platform. 

Mark's first global tribe saw him lease a 200 acre island in Fiji and invite the world to become "tribe members". Just three months after Tribewanted was born it was featured in 300 media outlets around the world including the New York Times, Good Morning America and the National Geographic. Tribewanted was filmed for 18 months and became a 5 part prime time TV show that aired in the U.K, America and Australia as "Paradise or Bust". Tribewanted has won a number of awards including "Best Social Network".

Mark has dedicated his life to helping his clients to turn their life experience into 6-7 figure business and build meaningful tribes that shape the world. Mark has gone on to build a tribe of 30,000 mentors, coaches, consultants and experts on Facebook which has generated well over $5million in sales since 2013. Over 5000 business owners and brands have been mentored by Mark to build their own powerful tribes with the most outstanding results.

With over 100,000 followers online and regularly consulting athletes, experts and mentors how to turn their life experience into a 6-7 figure business, Mark is confident that the future of business success is to build tribes that position you and your brand as an authority resulting in passionate consumers of your content and product.

If you would like to see how Mark can help you please hit the contact link and get in touch.

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Barry Jones

"Huge transformation, many more clients"

Susie Campbell

"Already sales are up!"

Jenny De Lacy

"A straightforward system"


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Signature Programme

7 Figure Tribe

7 Figure Tribe is Mark’s flagship 12 month mentoring programme designed to enable you to turn your life experience, skill or hobby into a 6-7 figure business. Starting from scratch Mark shows you how to turn your life experience into world class products, build a tribe, make sales, become a speaker and appear in the media. Over 600 coaches have now gone through this programme with outstanding results.

The Million Dollar You Academy is Mark's 12 month self paced programme that teaches you the step by step process to turn your life experience into a 6-7 figure business. This Do-It-Yourself Programme is also accompanied by two weekly live sessions with Academy Faculty member's covering Marketing, Monetisation, Mobilisation and Mindset. This low investment programme delivers incredible results. 

How To Build A 6-7 Figure Facebook Group Without A Big Brand Ad Budget 

(And With Zero Tech Complications)