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How My Darkest Moment Became The Catalyst To Becoming A 7 Figure Coach Who Has Built A Purpose Driven Tribe On A Mission To Impact One Million Lives

Meet Mark Bowness

Known to his clients as the "chief of tribe builders", Mark Bowness is a leading authority on helping coaches, consultants, experts, thought leaders and entrepreneurs to build purpose driven tribes that increase their impact and income.

Mark has been building tribes for 21 years, with his first tribe comprising of taking communities of young people to engage in voluntary work in the slums of Nakuru, Kenya. Mark's tribe building skills became known on a global scale when he leased a 200 acre island in Fiji and invite the world to become "tribe members". Just three months after Tribewanted was born it was featured in 200 media outlets around the world including the New York Times, Good Morning America and the National Geographic. Tribewanted was filmed for 18 months and became a 5 part prime time TV show that aired in the U.K, America and Australia as "Paradise or Bust". Tribewanted has won a number of awards, including "Best Social Network".

Mark has dedicated his life to helping coaches, thought leaders, experts, change makers and entrepreneurs to build purpose driven tribes that shape the world in which we live. Mark has gone on to build a committed Facebook Group  of 31,000 tribe builders which has generated well over $5million in sales since 2013. Over 5000 business owners and brands have been mentored by Mark to build their own powerful tribes with the most outstanding results.

With over 100,000 followers online and regularly consulting athletes, experts and mentors how to turn their life's work into purpose communities, Mark is confident that the future of business success is to build tribes that position you and your brand as an authority resulting in passionate consumers of your content and product.

Mark Bowness is on a mission to help 100 coaches, experts, thought leaders and change makers to build a tribe of 10,000 people and therefore impact 1million lives over the next 12 months. The total number of people impacted through the tribes that Mark has helped to create, as of today, stands at 534,873... yes we count them!

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Hear From Mark's Clients

​​Kat Dunn

"$88,000 in sales in 8 weeks"

​Blair Robinson

"A tribe of 21,000 in 6 months"

Pamela Washington

"Unparalleled support "


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Signature Programme

7 Figure Tribe Unleashed

7 Figure Tribe Unleashed is Mark’s flagship mentoring programme designed to enable coaches, consultants, experts and thought leaders to turn their business into a purpose driven tribe of 10,000 people, increasing their impact and income. Mark Bowness will personally mentor you and guide you through his "engage, convert and amplify" signature system and as a result you will appear on the global stage, become the go to media authority, publish a book, launch a podcast and make a significant impact. 

Mark Bowness only has two intakes per year of 50 clients per intake and guarantees that he will work with you until you have built your tribe of 10,000 people. 

How My Darkest Moment Became The Catalyst To Becoming A 7 Figure Coach Who Has Built A Purpose Driven Tribe On A Mission To Impact One Million Lives